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Improve power and fuel performance

Poor exhaust system? When your exhaust system is restricted due to a bad muffler or constricted flow through the manifolds, it can drastically affect the performance of your engine. Busy B Muffler specializes in muffler and exhaust system repair and replacement. We have the technical expertise as well as the experience to know how to tackle any job. If your vehicle is starting to feel sluggish or your fuel mileage is poor, it is time to have your exhaust system checked.

Single, dual, and custom exhaust systems

• Foreign and domestic vehicles

• Cars and trucks

• Stock exhaust systems

• Stock muffler replacement

• Diesel trucks

• Delivery trucks

• Repairs and installation

• Emission tubes

• Catalytic converters

• Custom flex piping

• Custom pipe bending

• Oxygen sensors

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Whether you choose Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Turbomax, or our personal favorite Cherry Bomb, find the muffler you want at Busy B Muffler.

Single, dual, and custom exhaust systems for most makes and models.

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Do you own a car dealership or have a fleet of vehicles to maintain? We can help make sure they keep running efficiently, so you can be efficient too.